About Us

Giving opportunities for individuals to fill their own shoes & path

Go Bare is a charity registered by The Charity Commission in 2020.

Shoes are a necessity. Most of us own them and therefore walking in them is usually done effortlessly.

Due to this reason, we may fail to acknowledge its importance and value - just like breathing. As we unintentionally fail to imagine life without shoes, in-turn this can make it almost impossible to recognise and even acknowledge those living without such items that are easily taken for granted.  

Go Bare aims to create awareness through experiences of  different walks of life; including those who are not visible and those that go barefooted.

At Go bare we take the phrase “Walk a mile in someone shoes” in the literal sense. Asking questions such as what if someone does not own shoes? How can we share their experiences in order to understand them and each other? The phrase has good intentions, however simultaneously excludes those that do not walk in shoes.

We aim to make journeys easier for the 'Invisible' people; helping their footsteps to be seen, their voices heard and empowering them to take have full control of their journey and each other.

Go Bare looks at the root of poverty, from the ground (Foot by providing footwear, educational tools) and working our way up (Mind, through mentoring and training as well as paying school fees for top preforming students). Following this theory, we support physically and holistically (Because poverty impacts on self-esteem as well as mindset) - by providing individuals with the following:

1) Educational tools for students
2) Adult training
3) Mentorship

the founder

Oyella Odong says:

"Go Bare is formed out of mutual respect and understanding, due to sharing similar experiences with the very people we are supporting.

I was born during the Ugandan civil war. If it was not for my tight family unit, teamed with my Fathers education, we may still be living in poverty and or worse.

20+ years later, a civil war lasting for over 20 years and conflict from rebel groups - it upsets me that individuals and generations are still impacted by such history. I try my best to remember the past, in order to better understand the very individuals we are supporting and better walk in their shoes.

This has meant 70% of Ugandans are living in poverty; youth unable to attend education, young parents unable to support their family and some being illiterate. All linked to Ugandan history, concerning the civil war.

The team at Go Bare and I hope to break the cycle of poverty, the limitations it can bring and hopefully empower mindsets and form unity through this charity."

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Barefoot Walk

The Go Bare annual barefoot walk is the culminating event that is true show of support and togetherness for all involved. Everyone who takes part get to "Go Bare"-footed, and in-turn experience the life of those that walk either without suitable shoes and or barefooted, in order to help us experience and appreciate the simple things, the things that bring all of humanity together as one.

Walking barefoot also brings a sense of being grounded, a closer connection to nature and a general feeling of physical and mental peace and balance.


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There are over 40 million individuals alone in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty and many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes, school uniform and educational material. Help make a difference today.