How we work

Go Bare support individuals, their families and communities to feel empowered, by providing them with necessary tools to support their education, family and community.

The advancement of education

Selecting over 10 schools, we support students with uniform, educational books and school fees. Working closely with schools, we ensure top students continue to excel by mentoring the pupils through our team of volunteers and Ugandan Go Bare team.

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Prevention of Poverty

working closely with communities and creating projects that will lead to the creation of businesses to parent, single parents in order to support themselves and family. Go Bare aims to offer agriculture training to local farmers for the successful management of crops and in order to be able to buy/sell groceries and ensuring they are equipped with appropriate footwear.

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There are over 40 million individuals alone in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty and many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes, school uniform and educational material. Help make a difference today.