The impact

Go Bare support the youth, their families and entire communities to feel empowered, by standing on their own two feet; helping them to gain independence.

The impact


For rural children, education is invaluable and a great equalizer. However, lack of educational shoes, uniform and materials are one of the challenges - resulting to the child having low morale, not attending school and or even dropping out as a result. We manage and tackle these issues.


Supporting generations

In rural developing countries,  the biggest barrier is education for the youth and professional training for adults. This limits not progress, but also builds barriers for both youth and adults. We aim to tackle these issues, by paying educational fees for top preforming students, providing uniform and educational materials and training/educating illiterate adults. But we don't stop there.  By partnering with communities, schools, and villages we can provide necessary materials for their education, in order to break the cycle of poverty and form equal playing field for individuals (quashing segregation due to class, status and tackling bullying for the less fortunate children in class rooms). In rural developing countries, the biggest barrier to education is often getting to school – especially for girls.


Why Shoes, Uniform, Educational Books, School Fees & Training?

  • Protects feet of injuries and infections, travels become easier.
  • Increased attendance, improved mindset, and performance.
  • Eliminate the barriers of class system and making education available for everyone.
  • Breaks the cycle of poverty; students, family and community becoming mentally empowered and independent.



You At Heart

The impact

Health & Well being

Poverty impacts on the individual’s health and wellbeing. This can be both physical and mental. We theses issues by supporting a child through every step, by liaising with the school and visiting the child to check progress as well as offering mentorship where needed and required.

Our team and including volunteers attend remote villages to basic literacy to illiterate adults, as well as business skills in farming and agriculture.

Through kind donations, we can support children from the age of 7 and right up to 18 (Including their family) and ensure there is no hurdles preventing them from completing their education. Additionally, this means that we are able to continue creating campaigns; for communities, schools and orphanages.

Ella's Shoes
We at Go Bare have the notion that The Prince did not save Cinderella, rather the  Fairy Godmother. This is directly due to the unconditional love/support from women; the Fairy Godmother and not only mentoring but also the girl. Through a tangible gift of shoes and knowledge. The girl therefore had the courage to take necessary steps to her future.

In locations such as Uganda, many girls are lacking that representation of a successful and empowering woman. Ella's shoes campaign is designed to empower adolescent girls and starting in Uganda, by bringing representation to the girls and taking courage to own their step.
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Where we work

Go Bare support rural communities’ access to education and protecting their health & wellbeing. Through kind donations we can mentor individuals, empower and help them gain success in education and life.


Uganda has been living in a civil war that has lasted for over 20 years; which the founder managed to escape from. Although it has ended, people, communities and even younger generations are impacted. Often they have the mean to go to school, however haven't got the additional fees for relevant shoes, books and education materials. Furthermore, some may have developed lack in confidence, their capabilities and low self esteem. We aim to support in these areas, by providing the necessary tools for education and as well as mentoring children and through our campaign. The individuals that we support attend schools such as Sacred Heart Girls Senior School


You At Heart (YAH) runs entirely from volunteers and based in Ghana. YAH work in areas to provide medical assistance, training and distribution of good across Africa. Working hand-in-hand with the volunteers and company with proven trust; due to their work carried out, we are able to distribute goods to individuals needing it.

You can help us!

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There are over 40 million individuals alone in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty and many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes, school uniform and educational material. Help make a difference today.