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Help someone that step closer to a brighter future, by donating and or joining our fundraising walk today.
We urgently need to support children and communities by empowering individuals with tools to success and mentoring.



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Donate shoes

Send new or barely worn shoes and with £2.00  (To help us distribute to areas in need).

Please also include your name, size, clean and secure the product with band to help make it easier for us to redistribute.

Send to: 15 Collenswood road

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About us

In many rural areas and globally, children are denied in non-village schools due to not only fees alone, but not having additional fees for education materials and including uniform. Imagine being capable and having the fee for school, but not for educational tools? This impacts on the individuals self-esteem and we hope to tackle these issues, by providing all the tools necessary to complete there education successfully.

You can help support individuals that step closer and enabling to take a step closer for a brighter future. This is achieved in walking Bare for a child and baring them in mind; whilst fundraising too and help our missions. 

Go Bare is designed to empower individuals from the feet and to the mind, though mutual respect, understanding and connected experience from our Founder. We also empower individuals through our mentorship programme and campaign. Our missions can only continue through your support and as a new start-up charity every support helps. 

Why not fundraise for us? Whether you like walking, running,  dancing or any other healthy activities. Get in touch, by filling in our form. We will confirm, by adding Go to your fundraising i.e Go Dance, Go Running etc (All done barefooted).

£25 is all it takes to give a child all the necessary tools to support with their educate. Want to sponsor a village school? Get in touch and learn how.

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Download our Fundraising Toolkit and Sponsorship Forms

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our annual and in-person event is currently on hold. Announcement will be made soon. 

Join our event

Go Bare Annual Walk (No Status Walk) - London

Go Bare by kicking off your shoes; status, age, race, identity – and get know your “sole” and others too. Get real, feel 100% free and liberated by allowing yourself to be vulnerable to better understand those that must walk all day and every day, either with no suitable shoes or barefooted. 

Our non-timed 3-mile walk, is a perfect place for participants to feel connected, drop their stresses of everyday life, get balanced, recharged, healthy, network, feel empowered and eliminate the idea of being boxed.

Whether it is through our annual Go Bare walk or by planning your own fundraising barefoot walk for us, you are creating awareness and supporting individuals to step into their future. 

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Go Bare Children’s Day

“Charity starts from home” – why not bring your children and the whole family for a day of health, networking and for a cause.

By walking barefooted, you are not only understanding others, but sharing their experiences too - as well as bringing unity and understanding for you and your family.

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Partner with us

We are always open to partner with companies and organisations to show how simple necessities can change a child, communities’ mindset and through empowerment. Love is unity and through the partnership, this ripple effect is transferable in your own company gaining knowledge and increasing your own brand awareness as well as ours.

Make an Impact

We are not here for “Status” but passion, heart, and humanity. Businesses having similar visions, open to build a strategic partnership and joining an empowering movement as well as empowering children and communities

Employee & Customer Engagement

This is an amazing opportunity to engage with your employees, customers too and simply by fundraising in the workplace. The opportunity gives you the chance to better engage with your employee; show fun in the workplace and in-turn engage with customers – even form new loyal ones too as a result.


Perfect opportunity to show your support, market your brand and even increase your sales through marketing and sales. EVENT SPONSORSHIP Reach new and engaged audiences by sponsoring an event and help build community around your cause. Possible events include a community ride and or panel discussion.  

Sponsor a Village School

Why not partner by sponsoring a village school in developing areas, in order to provide essential tools such as shoes, educational books, useful tools for education and support our mentoring Campaign. Help individuals have not only a great start to their future, but take full charge of their education.


Advocacy partners

Become an advocacy and promote Go Bare as a platform that empowers children, communities and unites individuals through our Go Bare annual walk. Being an Advocacy, you will learn more about our missions/values and even individuals we support as well as develop yourself. Fill the Form and let us begin to walk forward...

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We are a new charity and always on the lookout for volunteers. You will get fully trained by our team member.

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