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Who are Go Bare?

Founder Oyella Odong, formed the Charitable movement Go Bare in honour of her roots, many people affected from poverty and in order to put a human face to not only poverty, but also those living in developing countries. Fleeing the Ugandan civil war, at 5 years old, Oyella wore her first suitable pair of shoes after arriving to the UK. 

Our Go Bare ‘Barefoot’ annual walk, allows participants to experience how it would feel to walk all day and everyday barefoot or without suitable shoes, due to poverty and or cultural differences. Participants get to experience "Walking a mile in someone else's shoes" and in the literal sense.  

Year round, Go Bare distributes school shoes and educational books and materials to those that do not otherwise have the ways and means to do so.

Our mentor programme also  empowers those from and in developing countries - from the soles of their feet to the top of their mind -through mutual understanding and respect.  By walking together, we can help each other on our journey through life – no matter or destination and support individuals in areas such as Uganda and Ghana (Growing and expanding with time). 

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Ella's Shoes
Us at Go Bare believe that the Prince did not save Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother did! Echoing the Fairy Godmother’s love and support, we want to equip young girls with the tools they need to meet their full potential. Like the Fairy Godmother in the story, our gift is the gift of a great pair of shoes and knowledge. We believe this gift encourages a girl’s first confident step into her future. Many girls in developing countries have limited resources. What this means is that they are not exposed to successful individuals (That look like them or share similar experience as the child), potential future opportunities and source of inspiration.

We link successful and professional women across the globe with adolescent girls based in Uganda (Growing with time) and whom will act as mentors and representation to the girls.

The above helps to open a clear path for adolescent girls and enables them to take a much smoother approach into their future. This is achievable with the help of of women, who either look like or share similar experiences as the girls - helping each girl to get a step closer to also become a successful and confident woman too - representation counts.

With your kind donation, in addition to the personal items we can also offer the means of ongoing support and communication between the mentor, mentees and team Go Bare Uganda (Through electronical devices, such as laptops in schools).
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How we help


There are over 400 million people in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty. Within the percentage, many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes and school supplies. City schools often deny a child entry on this basis and we lift such barrier, through Kind donation of supplies and mentoring.


Linking with schools, sports academies and communities, we can support a child in areas concerning sports education, or even as a profession; when they grow up. Working closely with the schools and sport academy, we can donate all the necessary sport materials to help a child excel.

Health & Wellbeing

Poverty impacts on the individual’s health and wellbeing. This can be physically, mentally and or both.

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There are over 40 million individuals alone in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty and many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes, school uniform and educational material. Help make a difference today.


Who we've helped

We support students in over 15 schools, including village schools and orphanages to alleviate some of the stresses of poverty. Additionally, mentor girls in Uganda and Ghana.


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