Ella's Shoes


Ella's Shoes

The tale of Cinderella has always been told that the ‘The Prince saved Cinderella’. We at Go Bare believe that The Fairy Godmother did and by empowering the girl. This was done through mentoring, encouraging and instilling self-love to the girl. The tangible shoes, is a metaphor for how far Cinderella has come; enabling her to continue being courageous and taking necessary steps for a new journey and her life. Through this theory, infused with other women's, adolescent girls we have directly spoken with (In developing Countries) and including the Founders own story; wearing suitable shoes only after arriving to London ages 7 - Ella's campaign was formed. In most developing countries, individuals and especially girls have unlimited resources and including representation. We aim to provide laptops to schools, in order to have more resources and connect them with mentors. These are professional and successful women globally and achievable through digital platforms.  The campaign, aims to empower girls in schools such as Sacret Heart Senior School, Keyo Senior School, SOS Kindergarten and orphanages in Uganda (expanding with time).  These women and mentors will act as a source of inspiration and Fairy Godmothers. Your kind donation, will help for the implementation of projectors, laptops for the school and in order to be able to transform a girls life. Want to join? send email to (With subject Ella's Shoes).

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Origin Story

Oyella (Ella) the Founder was given her first suitable shoes, only once she fled the civil war and moved to the UK with her family. Combined with the love and support from her family, Oyella has been able to believe in not just for herself but others too. In her shoes, this campaign is designed to share that same experience and loving support to adolescent girls; especially orphans who may not have such representation that Oy-"Ella" was fortunate to have. "Living in a rural village, I know how it can be. Lack of representation and your only reference is the community that you are in. At school, we have interviewed individuals and who are all very capable, strong minded and extremely bright. However, due to no representation and no way of seeing successful business women or professional women that look like them; the individuals never realise how brilliant they are. I have felt that same feeling and which is why we want to empower younger generations." Oyella Odong

“Wearing my first suitable shoes was really something. Firstly, the product made me stand differently. I felt that energy travel from my gut, heart and mind. It instantly changed my mindset and I became aware of my presence as well as others. However, I also felt and saw how it could easily make others and I to become disconnected with ourselves, environment and nature. Go Bare is designed to find that right balance and become our best selves - from foot to mind"

Oyella Odong
Go Bare Founder

How it works

Most girls and schools only have on laptop for several students to arrange schedules for use. This means that there's not enough resources and to go around and for all students. For as little as £169 per laptop, students will have more resource and in order to provide mentorship to students too, for the Ella's Shoes. Our mentoring programs are designed to link girls aged 11 – 21. Through market research and directly speaking with the girls, we realised that the individuals wanting support goes beyond teen years. We link them with potential Fairy Godmothers; whom are women with similar backgrounds or experience but successful to help build their confidence, inspire and empower them to take courage in themselves and dreams. Ella’s shoes would initially work with orphanages, schools, diaspora families to help create a programme that suitable for individual and mentor. A women and anywhere around the world, can help support and mentor an adolescent girl, through letters and our monitored digital communication (Laptop).

What we do?

Our team in Uganda and volunteers attend schools to spread the word for the Fairy godmothers successes in her field, as a way of motivating and inspiring other girls. Instilling that believe that they can fill any shoes. Go Bare also monitors the progress of the girl, as well as speaking to the mentor too. “If you have a dream, you first have to take yourself and dream seriously” Oyella Odong. Having confidence, owning it and individuals that are supportive in your dream and you are all the right ingredients to success. Although, you can still achieve without the support system, it takes that bit longer and this campaign is designed to speed the root to success to girls. This is done by learning what the girls need before matching them with professional or successful women that look or share similar experience as the girls.

"If the shoes don’t fit, Go Bare will help you put your magic slippers on. As you grow older the traps you meet along your path become titanic. Two of the biggest traps you can easily fall into as you grow are the desperate desire of fitting in and getting a degree that will get you a job. Let’s start with the latter - remember this: an empty degree will get you a blue collar job that you will most probably hate. Whereas your passion will make you constantly tune in to learning and get you the laudable career you deserve. Secondly, remember that: it is better to go barefoot than carrying on wearing shoes that don’t fit you. Fitting in and culture fit are human-made rules to keep groups of people alienated from the rest of the world".

Aiala Tchikanha
Co-Founder at IAM

The Gift

“I remember getting my first gift from another woman. It was not the gift that made me smile, it was seeing that someone saw us and took their time to give the gift. It was the feeling that came from the gift; being empowered and changed mindset due to visibility. Yes, whether disadvantaged, poor and with traumas, every child deserves not only a bright future, but someone there to support their dreams." Oyella Odong You can give a gift, by becoming a mentor and giving a physical gift to a girl. For £25, you we will give Ella’s gift box set, containing shoes and letter from their mentor (Fairy God mother). Your donation allows us to continue to support the girl and offering continues mentoring to reduce the chances of a girl feeling lonely, lost, and dropping out of education. Most girls become pregnant as young as 13 years old and which can results to dropping out of education. Having representation counts and especially for women who look or share similar experience with the girls. You can become a mentor through Ella's shoes campaign and help create a footstep, path for a adolescent girl - one that could easily have been you and a girl that can grow-up to become a confident, successful and unique woman; with your guidance and visibility.

Own Your Communication

From personally talking to individuals and asking them "What do you want to be?". The answers showed confidence, however lack of self esteem. Additionally, some failed to answer and this is due to lack of representation. We also mentor a child to communicate effectively, clearly and ensure there's conviction; due to growth in confidence and self belief.

Life is a Ball Trip

Life is filled with so many wonders. First you must believe it and that only comes seeing it and feeling it. Every young girl deserves to have an enjoyable experience. The founder says “I didn’t even know we were poor, because individuals were living the same way as us. It was normal to us and it was only till I was exposed to a different lifestyle, that I began to see things differently and a spark was lit”. We will arrange a day out in the city, for girls that have never experienced a change in environment, and as a way of empowering – dreaming bigger and daring to take that step.

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There are over 40 million individuals alone in Uganda and 70% of the population are living in poverty and many are unable to afford necessities such as shoes, school uniform and educational material. Help make a difference today.